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A messy, crowded environment affects not only your satisfaction with your surroundings but also your mental health. But giving up or throwing out unused belongings isn’t your only option. SPACE24 storage unit rental in Vilnius offers a painless solution to store and access your unused items when you need them.


Why Is It Important To Declutter Your Home and Office?

What can be better than a clean and organized space? Mess around the house or office is not only unpleasant but can also affect your mental and physical health.

Unused items collect dust, increasing your risk of an allergic reaction and asthma flare-ups. Unorganized space and clutter can become a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and pests.

Less clutter makes it easier to clean and maintain your space. Additionally, decluttering can lower your stress levels and help you enjoy your surroundings more.

A self storage facility helps you declutter and protects your valuables from humidity and temperature fluctuations. Self storage is a smart solution for anyone who wishes to have more space in their lives and enjoy their clutter-free home or office.

How Self Storage Can Help You Declutter?

Rent a unit in a self storage facility for as long as you need and get a safe, temperature-controlled storage unit for all your unused goods.

Benefits of self storage:

  • More space at home and office: Collect your unused belongings and store them securely in a storage unit. This way, you’ll create a pleasant and productive space without clutter.
  • Affordable: Self storage can be a great alternative to throwing out unused stuff or renting a big garage or warehouse for all your belongings. You only pay for the storage, duration, and services that you use, with no extra charges for security and maintenance.
  • Everything is handled for you: You don’t need to install additional security systems or worry about temperature and humidity damage. A self storage facility ensures proper measures for protecting your valuables.

Why Use „SPACE24“ When Decluttering?

We offer fair self storage unit prices for households and businesses. At SPACE24, you can choose from over 800 storage rooms of various sizes from 1m2 to 60m2, and enjoy great additional benefits like 24/7 security, convenient access during the week, and easy unloading areas for a hassle-free move.

We offer:

  • Flexible conditions: We offer flexible lease terms, so you can rent a SPACE24 storage unit from as little as one month or as long as you like.
  • Climate control: Our facility has temperature and humidity control systems, protecting your valuables from the cold, heat, or moisture.
  • No additional fees or deposits: You pay only for the services you use. We offer individual quotes for each client without charging any additional fees or deposits.
  • More than 800 rental units: From small 1m2 units for a few goods to 60m2 warehouses for large equipment and furniture.

Declutter to create more space in your life: reserve a unit.


07:12 29 May 24
Oskars VeinbergsOskars Veinbergs
14:40 28 May 24
In city center! Clean & easy access.
Dmitrijus SkunčikasDmitrijus Skunčikas
13:17 26 May 24
Excellent quality of service, pleasant staff. I highly recommend using Spave24 👍🏻
Laimonas KirkutisLaimonas Kirkutis
16:44 24 May 24
prompt and qualified service, the best in their field.
Valit AiupovValit Aiupov
08:32 24 May 24
Space24 stirage space with great service! Located in the centre of Vilnius, clean facilities, very helpful staff 👍🏻
Kato MaisuradzeKato Maisuradze
12:03 23 Jan 24
One of the best storage spaces in Vilnius. Not too expensive and conditions are top-notch! Would recommend anyone looking for a space to leave all their belongings for short or long-term 🙂
V PacasV Pacas
11:03 29 Nov 23
SPACE24 is a great place! The staff are very professional, helpful and courteous. The location is central, the facilities are clean and tidy. Access is easy and convenient plus the rates are good! There's no better place to store your stuff (I know, I looked).
Alex K.Alex K.
10:50 25 Oct 23
Good use of space. Pretty good price for locker rooms, comfortable access. You may park in on first floor when need to load/unload stuff, there you can use practical carts for easy transport your goods inside hangar. Huge elevators. Check!

Rinktinės 48B, Vilnius

Rinktinės 48B, Vilnius

Rinktinės 48B, Vilnius

Rinktinės 48B, Vilnius

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