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Life Events

Moving to a new city to study, buying a house, or welcoming a baby — these life events bring a lot of joy and challenges. SPACE24 is here to make your big moments easier with our flexible and modern self storage solutions.

Why rent a storage unit with SPACE24?


Which Life Events Require Self Storage?

While you might not realize it, clutter can ruin your big plans, be it moving to a new country, studying abroad, or settling into retirement.

Here are a few events where self storage can be a real life-saver:

  • Moving cities: The logistics of moving can be pricey and complicated, especially if you’re moving for a short time. With self storage, you can store your belongings for as little as one month or as long as you need and only pay only for the space you actually use.
  • Taking the next step with a loved one: When you start a new chapter with your partner, conflicts can ruin your romantic bliss. Self storage removes the tension by giving you more space to create a strong and happy relationship.
  • Growing your family: To make navigating your new role as a parent easier, store unused belongings in self storage and take them back when you have the space.
  • Renovating a home: Furniture and other valuables often get damaged during a home renovation. With self storage, your belongings will be safe and looked after until you’re ready to move back to your revamped home.

What Are the Benefits of Storage During Life Events?

Self storage can become a safe haven for your belongings. It’s a flexible alternative for storing your things for as long as you need. Here are a few benefits you can expect:

  • Less clutter: Whether you need to store Christmas decorations, kids’ toys, or seasonal equipment, self storage offers the perfect solution for your clutter.
  • No commitment: Life can change anytime, so why should you pay for a service you don’t use? You can rent a self storage unit for as little as one month or for a few years, and adjust the terms according to your needs.
  • Cost-effective: Self storage offers excellent prices that are usually lower than the cost of long-term garage or warehouse rentals. In addition, all the extras like security systems and maintenance are included.

Why Use SPACE24 for Life Events Storage?

Imagine a scenario where you don’t need to rush to move your entire home at the last minute or give away your favorite items when you decide to travel. SPACE24 can make that happen.

Your peace and convenience are our priority, so we provide flexible self storage services tailored to you. At SPACE24, we offer:

  • Flexible contract terms
  • 24/7 security with CCTV cameras, individual digital locks, climate control, and smoke detectors
  • No contract fees or deposit
  • Easy access when you need it, 7 days a week
  • Private parking and an indoor drop-off area

Embrace new life events with ease while we take care of your belongings: Get a free quote today.


07:12 29 May 24
Oskars VeinbergsOskars Veinbergs
14:40 28 May 24
In city center! Clean & easy access.
Dmitrijus SkunčikasDmitrijus Skunčikas
13:17 26 May 24
Excellent quality of service, pleasant staff. I highly recommend using Spave24 👍🏻
Laimonas KirkutisLaimonas Kirkutis
16:44 24 May 24
prompt and qualified service, the best in their field.
Valit AiupovValit Aiupov
08:32 24 May 24
Space24 stirage space with great service! Located in the centre of Vilnius, clean facilities, very helpful staff 👍🏻
Kato MaisuradzeKato Maisuradze
12:03 23 Jan 24
One of the best storage spaces in Vilnius. Not too expensive and conditions are top-notch! Would recommend anyone looking for a space to leave all their belongings for short or long-term 🙂
V PacasV Pacas
11:03 29 Nov 23
SPACE24 is a great place! The staff are very professional, helpful and courteous. The location is central, the facilities are clean and tidy. Access is easy and convenient plus the rates are good! There's no better place to store your stuff (I know, I looked).
Alex K.Alex K.
10:50 25 Oct 23
Good use of space. Pretty good price for locker rooms, comfortable access. You may park in on first floor when need to load/unload stuff, there you can use practical carts for easy transport your goods inside hangar. Huge elevators. Check!

Rinktinės 48B, Vilnius

Rinktinės 48B, Vilnius

Rinktinės 48B, Vilnius

Rinktinės 48B, Vilnius

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